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Security services

The comfort of feeling safe, that comes with security services is immediate and lasting.
There is no substitute for the physical and emotional assurance provided by knowing that you are protected.
In many ways, the tasks of a security service go hand in hand with customer service. Especially in today's turbulent times, security is paramount. Actively ensuring the safety of the customer, as well as their property, shows not only foresight but also esteem for the customer. 


  • Object protection

  • Hotel service (guard and patrol services on the entire hotel premises, porter, bodyguards on demand... ) 

  • Event security ( concerts, clubs, partys, exhibitions, conferences...)

Image by Job Moses

Why All Elite Service?

Whether public facilities, municipal facilities, nightclubs, stadiums & Co - we provide security anytime and anywhere. Our goal is to promote a polite coexistence, de-escalate dangerous situations and yet enable the orderly operation of our customers. Therefore, in addition to experience, certain know-how in interacting with people is required, qualities that all of our employees must have! Also at events, we provide security and comfort for the visitors, where our permanent presence radiates a sense of security.

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