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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates
About AES

In early 2020, the founders of AES decided to take on the biggest challenge of the modern hospitality industry.

To provide Excelent staff tailored to the needs of our customers in times of skills shortage.
We focus on a 360° view of their requirements in order to minimize operational losses.
For the vast majority of our customers, we offer a fully comprehensive service package, from a single source.

This allows our customers to free up capacity and concentrate on their core business.

In this industry, the most sought-after soft skills are reliability & self-discipline, resilience & adaptability, as well as collaboration & teamwork and punctuality.
In other words, the very skills needed in such a high-energy work environment where things are fast-paced and dynamic.

It's not easy for hospitality businesses to retain talent because the willingness to change is high. The market has changed from an employer market to an employee market. High-quality staff is a rare commodity these days.
The solutions offered so far are all from the last millennium and usually address only one requirement, availability or quality.

Staff leasing, possibly with accommodation costs at the customer's expense. Or, alternatively, the staff of the temporary employment agency has to travel to the site. In densely populated areas, this is a challenge in itself. Train strikes, after-work traffic or just a regular accident, minutes, or even hours can disrupt your planning and possibly leave a lasting impression on your guests.

As a modern provider on the market, we meet the challenges of today with a current toolset.


  • Continuous in-house training of our staff according to LQA standards.

  • Our employees are highly mobile thanks to our custom UBER Flatrate

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